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Licensed Mortgage Broker in Florida

The Sunshine State

As a licensed mortgage broker in Florida, RockBottom Mortgage has been brokering mortgages in the Sunshine State since February 2014 and have assisted over 350 customers purchase and refinance their homes. Since we are a flat-fee mortgage company, we’re committed to Bringing You Home for Less™. This means offering our customers with the lowest rates and fees possible.

Florida can be a very complex state to receive a mortgage due to the vast geographics and the types of properties in those areas. The owner of RockBottom Mortgage – Anthony Pipitone – has handled it all. Whether you are refinancing or purchasing a primary residence, 2nd home or Investment property, Anthony, our licensed Florida mortgage broker, will make the process fast and easy.

Anthony has also received the 5 Star Mortgage Professional Award for 4 years running. He is only 1 of 13 (less than 1%) out of 13,500 mortgage professionals to win the Five Star Mortgage Professional award for 4 years based on client satisfaction.

A purchase process can be stressful for buyers so do yourself a favor and eliminate 1 variable – THE MORTGAGE. Let Anthony and his team guide you through a seamless process TODAY!