About Us

About Us

At RockBottom Mortgage™, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest rates with the lowest total fees. Simply put, we are committed to Bringing You Home for Less™.

We are not like your typical mortgage company whose business model and income structure is based on commissions. These companies will sell you interest rates that are higher than industry standards with corresponding higher fees. We are simply a flat-fee mortgage company offering the lowest rates with the lowest fees as we know this is the biggest and most important investment people make. ​We encourage you to shop our rates and fees to see for yourself.  The numbers simply don't lie.

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Anthony Pipitone - Owner

Personal: Anthony lives in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago with his family and has roots in the community. He's lived in the Chicagoland area all his life and attended Loyola Academy High School. He then went on to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Professional: Anthony has been in the mortgage industry for 19 years. Throughout his career he has assisted more than 1,800 people purchase or refinance their homes. As a loan originator, employed by other mortgage companies, he participated in commission structured environments as almost all companies were structured that way. The mindset of these companies was to "SELL THE HIGHEST INTEREST RATE AND CHARGE THE MOST FEES" as that equated to higher commissions. After the housing collapse he saw firsthand the aftermath of this type of business model and decided that there needed to be a change. He started RockBottom Mortgage as an alternative to these high priced commission based mortgage companies that still exist.

  • Individual NMLS License #: 183088
  • Individual Illinois License #: 031.0001924
  • Individual Florida License #: LO21733
  • Individual Wisconsin License #: 183088
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  • Individual Tennessee License #: S-120975
  • Individual Georgia License Number # 57799

"I am honored to be recognized by Five Star Professional and Chicago Magazine as a 2014 Five Star Mortgage Professional for my proven commitment to my profession and my clients. I am looking forward to serving you in 2015 and beyond."
Anthony Pipitone